First Ball, First Wicket – A Dream of a Debut


Inzamam-ul-Huq, Clive Lloyd, Parth Desai, Keneth Kamyuka, Andrew Mathieson,… Mosaddek Hossain… when one first starts reading the list, two familiar names greet them and maybe a bit smile of reminisce breaks into their face. But the next three names will surely make their brows furrowed, unless the reader is a cricket geek of the highest order. The last name on this list is our only concern right now, Mosaddek Hossain. Our very own youngster joins this small list of cricketers who have taken a wicket on their very first ball of their debut ODI match.

The feat is actually greater for young Mosaddek as none of his fellow countrymen has ever taken a wicket in their debut ball ever in any format of this game. In the 2nd ODI against Afghanistan, Mosaddek took out the danger man Shahidi with his first ball. Of course there are 22 others in the history of one day internationals who share this same feat of taking a wicket on their first ball with Mosaddek.

Geoff Arnold was the first in this list, it was against Australia in 1972. The next year Clive Lloyd added his name to the list by catching Englishman Andrew Smith off his guard.

Inzamam’s story is probably the best, on his first ball of his career he got rid of the Caribbean Prince Brian Charles Lara’s wicket.

A number of part time bowlers share this record with Mosaddek. Sadagopan Ramesh, Wavell Hinds, Fidel Edwards – all share this records. But many of them faded away later in their careers, even Fidel who not only struck in his first ball but took six wickets on his debut match.

Bowling legends and even successful bowlers are hard to find in this decorum. Maurice Tate and Nathan Lyon maybe the brunt of the group who later on had a significant career. Test cricket has 20 such instances and T20 has 12.

Let’s hope Mosaddek Hossain has come to last a long time. If this is the only mark in history he will be remembered by then it would be such disappointment.