Shopno Dekhe Chokh – A wonderful initiative from Gtv


While many other Cricketing Nations and their Broadcasters have taken steps to create a magic out of Cricket, The Tiger Nation and their Broadcaster GTV has taken a Step, Miles ahead not only concerning the concept but also making Magic of Cricket as an enabler to create “Sight who Cannot See”

Gtv in collaboration with Sight Savers has undertaken the successful efforts to help one victim regain his eyesight, says a press release. Through the program “Shopno Dekhe Chokh,” they will share the journey of Samiul and his new life as he ventures forth to explore his love for cricket. Through the help of Gtv and Sight Savers, he was able to attend the one day cricket match between England and Bangladesh on October 9.

Gtvs Brand motto ” You got to see, what you want to see” has taken a monumental stride when they enabled Samiul and others get back their Sight and proved “You got to see what you deserve”, as seeing is everyone Right.

Watch the incredible story of Samiul and how he regained his sight.