Fitness camp starts today at SBNCS


Ahead of the upcoming series against Australia and South Africa, Bangladesh team started their preparation under Trainer Mario Villavarayan today at SBNCS. Due to injury and High Performance (HP) team’s tour at Australia, several players were absent in the first day.

Mario Villavarayan is hopeful that this fitness camp will help the players to improve their physical condition and skills for the upcoming series. He said, “In the upcoming days we have plans for conditioning session, rehab session and gym session for the next 3 weeks to build areas we need work on. I don’t have concern about any particular player. There are guys who need to work on certain areas. So that’s my job to work with them during the fitness camp.” Villavarayan is impressed with the level of fitness of the current players, ‘They want to know more, they want to work harder. They train on their own. And look at the last 8 months, you have to consider the amount of cricket we played. Since the Afghanistan Series last year, there has been non stop cricket, both home and away series.’

Fitness and gym session will continue from July 10 to July 20. Strength and conditioning camp will start from July 22 to July 27.