BCB President talks about managing stadiums across the country


Secretary in charge of the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Md. Ashadul Islam attended a meeting yesterday with Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hasan at SBNCS. After the meeting he talked to the media to discuss about the prospect of this meeting with Bangladesh Cricket Board. They talked about repairing and reconstructing of the stadiums in the country.

He said, “We all know our honorable Prime Minister is a big fan of sports. She has a great zeal for Sports specially cricket. Apart from Cricket Board, we will meet with other federations to discuss. Here we wanted to know how our Ministry can work more effectively with them. We want to work together for betterment of cricket. Also we discussed on sports architecture, board direction, financial and other issues.”

Nazmul Hasan spoke about the importance for the supervision of stadiums. He said, “It’s very expensive to maintain a stadium. So instead of building new stadiums we need to take care of the stadiums which we have got now. They have a budget for us to work on stadiums all around the country.”