Drainage system is better now: Gamini Silva


The home of cricket, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium is well prepared for the upcoming Australia series after months of rebuilding process. The actual work of the field was started on March. One of the main object of the process was to improve the drainage system. Ahead of the upcoming Australia series, Chief Pitch Curator Gamini de Silva expressed his thoughts about the new look Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium.


 Not so much time is remaining for the Australia series. Is the field is fully ready or there are still some works to do?

Gamini : The ground & the pitch have been already arranged for the Australia series. That was our target from the month of February-March.


What was the main objective of the reconstruction of the field?
Gamini : We have small problem of draining the water. What we did we removed 6 inches sand from the floor and refilled with select sand hundred percent. The earlier one was little bit hard.


 How much time it takes to covering the whole project and when it started?

Gamini : We started the work in March. We finished our first planting process on the second week of May. So it would be ok now.


The upcoming Australia series is threatened to be interrupted by rain. How do see the preparation for this? How much improvement we can expect from the new drainage system compared to the previous one?

Gamini : Continuous rain wasn’t a problem earlier. The drainage system was hundred percent ok in last 2 months. Even in last week there was heavy rain but everything was finished in 10-15 minutes. The drainage system is hundred percent ok and better now.


While starting the work, was there any specific target to finish this before the  Australia series?
Gamini : We have a plan and target to finish the work before this series and we achieved that.