Shakib Al Hasan speaks on the eve of 50th Test


On the occasion of his 50th Test, Shakib Al Hasan recalled the early memory of his Test career at a press conference at Sher e Bangla National Cricket Stadium. “When i played Test Cricket for the first time I never thought about how many matches i could play. I was only thinking on my debut, it was fun. It’s not like that there’s no more fun now, but responsibilities and environment are different.”

Despite the fact that it took 10 years for Shakib to wait for his 50th Test, he has almost no regret about not playing more, “I don’t have much regret in life. So from that angle whatever happened is fine. Of course it would be great to play more Tests. But at the end of the day it’s important how i performed on those matches which i played. There’s a match ahead, i hope to play well there.”

Shakib didn’t made his debut when last time Bangladesh faced Australia in Test.  Shakib is a bit excited this time before facing them and he is hopeful for a great series. “It’s a interesting thing that their (Australian)  current team didn’t play Test with us. So they will give more priority here. It’s exciting to play Tests with a nation like Australia who values Test Cricket on a different level.”