Sunday , February 1 2015
BCB takes over ‘@BanCricket (Bangladesh Cricket)’ as Official Twitter Account

BCB takes over ‘@BanCricket (Bangladesh Cricket)’ as Official Twitter Account

@BCB_Tigers, the Official twitter account of Bangladesh Cricket Board, is glad to announce the takeover of @BanCricket as the new official Twitter handle, which was previously operated independently by a cricket fan.

@BanCricket, with 24,000 followers, is one of the most followed twitter handle related to Bangladesh Cricket and between the period of 13.06.2011 to 18.02.2014, was operated by a passionate Bangladesh Cricket fan Mr. Alamgir Hossen, independently and without any relation to Bangladesh Cricket Board.

But since the official launch of @BCB_Tigers, the user of @BanCricket has happily agreed to handover the twitter account to the Digital Media team of Bangladesh Cricket Board who were operating @BCB_Tigers as well as the website, Facebook and other pages.

As such, @BanCricket (Bangladesh Cricket) from now onwards, should be considered as the Official twitter account of Bangladesh Cricket Board. Please note, the previous user, Mr Alamgir Hossen, is no longer associated with this account anymore. Moreover, during the period of his personal usage, all materials published on @BanCricket including tweets were his personal expression and opinion. It had no relation with Bangladesh Cricket Board, nor can his action be counted as authorized. As such, Mr Alamgir Hossen has indemnified Bangladesh Cricket Board and their Digital Media Team from and against any possible claim, lawsuit or liability, if it may arise in the future, resulting from his action during the aforementioned period.

@BCB_Tigers invites all their current followers to migrate with us and follow us on @BanCricket from now onwards to stay connected with the Tigers.