Dhaka Third Division Cricket League 2019-2020 starts today (October 22)

Dhaka Third Division Cricket League 2019-2020 started today (October) across the four venues.

Tejgaon Cricket Academy-Dhanmondi Cricket Academy, Young Pegasus Club-Dhrubo Sporting Club, Amirun Srity Cricket Academy-Sk. Russel Krira Chakra and Gulshan Cricket Club-Jatrabari Krira Chakra faced each other in the opening day of the tournament.

M-3, R-1, G-A

Tejgaon Cricket Academy vs Dhanmondi Cricket Academy

Tejgaon Cricket Academy : 124/10 in 28 overs
Dhanmondi Cricket Academy : 80/10 in 15.2 overs

Result : Tejgaon Cricket Academy won by 44 runs.

M-1, R-1, G-A

Young Pegasus Club vs Dhrubo Sporting Club

Young Pegasus Club : 176/10 in 48.3 overs

Dhrubo Sporting Club : 177/9 in 49.5 overs

Result : Dhrubo Sporting Club won by 1 wicket

M-2, R-1, G-A

Amirun Srity Cricket Academy vs Sk. Russel Krira Chakra

Sk. Russel Krira Chakra : 142/10 in 39.3 overs
Amirun Srity Cricket Academy : 146/5 in 29.3 overs

Result : Amirun Srity Cricket Academy won by 5 wickets.

M-4, R-1, G-A

Gulshan Cricket Club vs Jatrabari Krira Chakra

Jatrabari Krira Chakra : 231/10 in 49.5 overs
Gulshan Cricket Club : 92/10 in 32.2 overs

Result : Jatrabari Krira Chakra won by 139 runs