Another defeat, another disappointment. Mashrafe, however, tried to explain the facts during post match press conference.

About today’s bowling performance

“We should have been more adept to bowl Yorkers and should have maintained more accuracy. We were not that much disciplined while bowling from one end as wind was blowing exquisitely. If we could keep the required rate much below than our batsmen would have much opportunity to chase down the target.”

About Soumya’s comeback

“It’s a positive side, obviously. He was out of form for many days and today he has played some good shots. I believe that he is also much relieved. But I think he should have stayed more time on the crease as this type of opportunity doesn’t come regularly. He can play pace ball well and if he could stay some more times, then he single handedly could bring the match in our favor.”

About running between the wicket

“We haven’t adjusted yet how to take doubles and triples in such type of big field. They had taken many doubles as you have seen, but we didn’t. It has cost us minimum 10 runs.”

About the strategy during the break

“Obviously we were confident during the break. 180 is a regular score in this field and we believed that we had the capabilities to chase down this target. Even you have seen, after falling three wickets, our batsmen have batted positively. We had a plan to score 60-65 runs in the power play. But fall of three quick wickets earlier have cost us.”

About the innings of Munro

“Munro didn’t play those shots he like to play (scoops, switch hits). When he was on the crease, New Zealand had already lost three wickets. So, I guess he didn’t take any chance and played on straight bat. Moreover, severe wind was blowing from one side and it had also made difficult to bat on. But it’s true we could have managed him much better by bowling to his weak zones.”

About the windy condition

“Wind has played a crucial role in this match as I have already said. They have utilized it nicely and their mishits were sailed over the rope along with the direction of wind. But our batsmen were also playing well, somehow they didn’t able to continue to the end.”