Coach Chandika Hathurusingha declared that run out as the crucial moment of the match during the post-match press conference. “That was the key moment for us, I think. And also the key moment for them as well. We set up very nicely and were 100/1. 150 runs were require then from 26/27 overs and it was a nice setup for the batsmen. But run out was the crucial point for us.”

He also expressed his grief for losing too many wickets in the middle. He praised his bowlers for creating such type of opportunity but was not happy with the batsmen. “Bowling was fantastic. We set up nicely. We did even better than the other match. But losing wickets and flop of the middle order is the key to lose.”

Coach also praised Kane Williamson but at the same time repudiated Bangladeshi batsmen. “I think he did really well, he took up wickets. It was not our plan that we have to face him. He is an occasionally bowler but he did bowl beautifully. The credit should go to him but again I think that we should have handled him better.”

Coach declared the wicket totally favorable to bat during the second part of the game. “We were very much confident. I knew this wicket would be flat in the second half and exactly the evidence was there. Even in the last match ball had swung in the later half but not today. In that sort of condition, where ball is not swinging, is like playing in our own condition. We were very much confident when New Zealand boys had bowled 5/6 overs as we saw that ball is not swinging. We have also scored 100 plus runs in 25 overs without losing too many wickets. Then the collapse comes. It is disappointing.”

On the contrary, the skipper Mashrafe confessed that they had lost a great opportunity to beat New Zealand. “It’s true that the teams from subcontinent always seek for this type of chance to win. In the previous game we gave away 40/50 extra runs as I’ve told before but created opportunities, we also have created opportunities today. The wicket was much flat than the previous day. We enjoyed our batting but didn’t expect this type of collapse. Obviously we have missed a great chance today.”

However, Mashrafe backed his batsmen although they didn’t click in the game. “I won’t tell the wickets were gifted away. We were playing to score quick runs and were in a hurry. But I think we should have patience at the moment after run out. In this type of wicket, batsmen should play first 10-15 balls cautiously to become set as Imrul and Roman (Sabbir) did. I want to say that our batsmen didn’t gift away wickets, but they should had patience.”

Mashrafe grieved that one of the set batsmen should had scored a big innings. “The set batsmen should have elongated their innings. Imrul and Roman (Sabbir) were set and if they could elongate their innings then the job would be much easier.”

However, the captain expressed his beliefs to overcome this situation. “It’s disappointing to lose a match from a position like this. The lads were very much confident during the break. But after losing like this way, the boys may get frustrated. It will be tough to overcome, it’s true. But still, playing in this type of condition and creating opportunities is also a big deal. We should take this positively. Boys have come here after a long time and so we must try to win the last game. It will be a huge achievement for us.”