Media Release : BCB and CCDM to investigate BSE breach

It has come to the attention of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis (CCDM) that a potential breach of the Bio-Security Environment (BSE) in place for the Bangabandhu Dhaka Premier Division T20 has occurred during a practice session of Mohammedan Sporting Club on 04 May 2021.

The BCB and CCDM has taken the matter very seriously and an investigation has been initiated. CCDM Chairman Kazi Inam Ahmed said: “We are disappointed to note this incident. Both the CCDM and the BCB has taken this very seriously. The health and safety of our teams, players and officials are most important to us. We have invested a significant amount of finances and efforts to make sure the BSE protocols are in place including the best possible accommodation and logistics. “This incident is being looked into and necessary actions and further precautionary measures will be taken.