Media Release : BCB Bowling Action Review Committee clears Al Amin Hossain

Pace bowler Al Amin Hossain has been cleared to resume bowling after the Bowling Action Review Committee (BARC) of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) found his action to be sufficiently rectified. Hossain was reported for suspect action while playing in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 in November-December 2017. Subsequent analysis of the bowler’s action confirmed extension of the elbow beyond the ICC’s acceptable limit of 15 degrees in certain deliveries and Hossain was not permitted to bowl in domestic matches until necessary corrections had been made.


The paceman underwent a remedial programme which was followed by a retesting under the BARC on 07 January. The reports of the retest has shown significant improvement according to BCB BARC Chairman Mohammed Jalal Yunus: “The technical assessment found no extension outside what is allowed. He (Al Amin Hossain) is now free to bowl in matches and competitions.”


BCB’s MIS Manager Nasir Ahmed said: “We have noticed a considerable change from the time he was reported to his bowling in the retest. The elbow extension has come down from almost 20 to 21 degrees in some deliveries to a perfectly acceptable 11 to 12 degrees.”