Media Release : Major outcomes of the meeting of the BPL Governing Council

A meeting of the BPL Governing Council was held on Saturday and Sunday to address certain issues related to the tournament’s future editions. Major discussions and outcomes are as follows:

·       Previously, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the right holders of seven (07) existing BPL Franchise Teams (“the Teams”) executed a Franchise Agreement under which the right holders were granted rights to the Teams till the 6th edition of BPL T20 Tournament (“BPL T20”).

·       With the conclusion of the 6th  edition of  BPL T20, which was held in 2019, the first cycle of the tournament is now considered complete, which also marks the expiry of the tenure of the franchisee agreements with the respective right holders.

·       In these circumstances, as per clause 3.1 of the franchise agreements executed between the BCB and the Franchises, with the view to renew the said agreements, the BPL Governing Council will send out immediate invitations the Teams that had participated in the 6th edition for of BPL T20 (2019) for a discussion on the issue of renewal of the Franchise Agreement and execution of a fresh contract subject to mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

·       In this regard, BPL Governing Council has decided that the duration/tenure of the second cycle of the BPL T20 will be for a further period of four (04) editions/seasons, i.e. 7th , 8th, 9th & 10th edition/season.

·       In this connection, BCB has already published an advertisement seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) from interested applicants for franchisee rights of 02 (Two) BPL Teams since the previous right holder of “Chittagong  Vikings” has informed BPL GC about its decision to “Discontinue as a Team” and BCB is also exploring the possibility of adding another new franchise team to the BPL T20 Tournament.

·        The decision to grant franchisee rights to interested applicants to EOI will depend on, amongst others, outcome of the discussion about renewal of Franchise Agreement and settlement of disputes (if any) with previous right holders to BPL Franchise Teams.

·       The relevant processes, player draft/auction etc. for holding the next edition of BPL T20 will be set in motion after the execution of the fresh franchisee agreement/contract.

·       The 7th edition of the BPL will see an open draft/auction for listed players (local and overseas) on all categories.

·       Player retention option will come into effect from the BPL T20 8th edition onwards.