“Our goal is to play proper cricket here”: Mominul

Team Bangladesh started their venture in India through a practice session today in Hyderabad. Mominul Haque talked many things about the upcoming match during a short press briefing.


Whether the past memories will impact this series

“We don’t think about the past and we have forgot already the New Zealand series. We are hoping for the best and will try to play proper cricket here. We have more cricket ahead of us and we will also try to do well in the upcoming series against Sri Lanka.”

About the number of tests Bangladesh play

“Bangladesh play very small number of test matches and we are absolutely not happy about this. But we can only perform on the field and nothing to do about this.”

About any personal goal

“There is no special personal goal. I will try the same what I did in the previous serieses. Always I try to play a long innings. I’ve nothing to prove actually. I will try to develop my skills and to go to the next level.”

About Indian side

“Their pace and spin bowling sections are pretty good. And batting is exceptionally phenomenal. Overall they are a very balanced side and so they are ranked number one currently. But we will try to compete and our goal will be extract the best from the game. We will play to win the game.”

About Virat Kohli

“He is a number one player of the world, what more I can say about him. But I will try to have a conversation with him if the opportunity comes.”