Shakib al Hasan has talked on many aspects of the upcoming T20 series during a press briefing.

About the safe score and the strength of New Zealand Side

“This is a small ground and they are very strong T20 side. If we bat first, then we have to score a very big score. If they bat first, then our bowlers have to really fight hard to restrict them within manageable total. Actually all depend on weather, wicket and outfield. T20 matches occurred here were very high scoring. Even 200+ total was chased down due to the good nature of the wicket. We didn’t reap the fruits from ODI wickets but they were good as well.”

About his position on the batting order

“Everyone tries to play for the team, for the betterment of the team. The position of a batsman is only decided by the coach and the captain. They will allow a batsman to play on a position that is suitable for the team combination.”

About the role of junior players in the team

“There shouldn’t be any definition as senior or junior in the team. After all, it’s a team of 11 players who play for Bangladesh. When they win they win altogether, and when they lose the failure mounts on all of them. So every player has to perform well to win a match.”

“We don’t believe that a new player in the team is incapable to perform. He has the capability to play for the national team and so he’s here. There is no discrimination between senior and junior in the team.”

About the absence of Mushfiq

“Mushfiq have been playing for 8-10 years in this team. So it’s very natural that his absence will affect the team. A newcomer, despite of his potential and sharpness, will do the same as like Mushfiq- is difficult to believe. But you have to back the newcomer, have to believe his potential. That’s how a team works.”

About the team spirit after losing the ODI series

“I don’t think we are morally down. The team still is very freshened and cheered up. But it’s true that we had a huge opportunity in that series. It is negative in a sense but at the same time it can be taken as a positive aspect and we should believe that we have the capabilities to make anything possible.”

About his performance

“I don’t bother anymore about my personal performance on the field. As a Bangladeshi player, I always try to contribute to my team. When I get succeeded then I feel happy, otherwise I try to do well in the next match.”

About the condition

“To win a match every team member has to perform his role. You cannot win a match unless all your members are doing their job accurately. We mustn’t complain the weather and the condition. We had come here previously but this time we faced the best condition. We just failed to perform on the field. Rather complaining condition, we must perform well on the field.”