Every member of Bangladesh cricket team is now finding out a way to break the shackle of losing streak. Tamim Iqbal, in a sort, blamed themselves for failing to utilize the chances during the matches. “Our results don’t indicate but it’s true that we are creating chances. If we could keep the pressure on them for more periods, then we wouldn’t have lost the last five games.”

Tamim completely expunged the idea that players are not giving their full efforts. He said that everyone in the team is trying to improve and bring some positive result. “Everything has a time, has a period and everyone must keep patience. We, the players, do not lack commitment and we are trying our best to extract out something positive. We all are trying to win a match for Bangladesh.” He also compared their last tour to this one and imparted that they are playing much better than 2010. Tamim pledged on behalf of his teammates to do better in the next game as well. “In the last five games we were unable to put pressure continuously on them and that had cost us. If in the upcoming games we get such opportunities, we will try to keep the pressure on for more times.”

Tamim urged to understand their situation and backed the newcomers of the team. “We have to keep patience. To get the success on home soil, we had to wait for ten years. The same is applicable for the overseas condition. Most of our players are playing in this condition for the first time. But when they will come later, they will reap something marvelous, I can assure you that.”

Tamim, however, looked forward to do well in this series and hoped to win a game. “We don’t think that we have come here to lose only. Somewhere in our heart, we still believe that we can beat New Zealand in their condition.”

Tamim Iqbal requested the supporters to keep supporting and have beliefs on them. “I know crowds in Bangladesh are disappointed as we have lost all five games. But please keep patience. We are trying and it’s an overseas condition. Every team in modern cricket toil hard on foreign countries. We are trying to break this losing streak and hopefully we will do that.”