Bangladesh team has practiced today in a condition much cooler than their sessions at Whangarei and Sydney.


After the practice session, the skipper Mashrafe had talked about the upcoming match. He had expressed his view about a high scoring match and said that the home team always gets the advantage of condition. ‘It’s obvious that the home team will get the opportunity to prepare pitch according to their wish and I don’t know what type of pitch is waiting for us in the match.” He also said that the pitch was seemed greenish yesterday but as the time goes on it is becoming whiter. “There lays an advantage to understand our home pitch as there prevails no grass. But here grass is prominent and it’s difficult to foretell the characteristic of the pitch. But we are mentally prepared.”

Mashrafe is hopeful about the hundred percent recovery of Mustafiz. In that case, selecting first eleven will be much easier. Mashrafe mainly expressed his worries about the condition which is too much cool and different from Whangarei.  Mashrafe also told about Mustafiz and left the responsibility to make the decision on Mustafiz himself whether he will play or not. “We all want him to play but at the same time we are expecting his final call.”