Bangladesh have a massive opportunity ahead to increase the difference from Pakistan and West Indies in ICC ODI ranking. Only 7 top ranked teams will get the opportunity to play ICC World Cup in 2019 along with the host team England.

New Zealand recently lost the ODI series to Australia by 3-0 and Bangladesh also lost to England by 2-1. At present, Bangladesh are on 7th position with 95 points in the table whereas New Zealand are on 4th position with 109 points.

As the ODI team rankings are updated after every match, New Zealand will drop one place in the rankings with a series loss by any margin but Bangladesh’ position will remain intact irrespective of any result. Possible scenarios can be like the following-

If New Zealand wins 3-0: New Zealand 111 points; Bangladesh 91 points

If New Zealand wins 2-1: New Zealand 109 points, Bangladesh 95 points

If Bangladesh wins 3-0: New Zealand 105 points, Bangladesh 100 points

If Bangladesh wins 2-1: New Zealand 107 points (behind England on decimal points), Bangladesh 97 points.


MRF Tyres ICC ODI Team Rankings (as on 24 December, before the New Zealand-Bangladesh series):

Rank   Team              Points
1          Australia           120
2          South Africa      116
3          India                 111
4          New Zealand      109
5          England             107
6          Sri Lanka           101
7          Bangladesh          95
8          Pakistan              89
9          West Indies         86
10        Afghanistan         52
11        Zimbabwe           48
12        Ireland                42