Development Program

Ensuring the implementation of the following duties including determination of policies thereof:

  • ​Make plans with a view to establish infrastructure of cricket countrywide and for overall development and implementation of the same.
  • ​Making plan for appointment of local/foreign coach/specialists and trainers for development of cricketing skill and standards of players countrywide.
  • ​​Arranging seminar, course, psychological counseling, language training, facilities for using the library and information technology with the assistance of local/foreign organizations/specialists for improving players’ playing skill and development of mental strength in international cricket arena.
  • ​Planning of domestic and overseas tours and maintaining of communication, arrangement of training, training equipments, dresses for youths, age group national teams, academy teams and including schools.
  • ​​Arrange practice facilities for all age group teams and discharge their overall responsibilities.
  • ​Regulate the activities of BCB National Cricket Academy.
  • ​Any other responsibility assigned by the Board of Directors.